Sycamore Flash Portfolio Template

The Sycamore site was designed to be used as a one-page Flash portfolio website for a designer or agency. It contains everything you need to have a complete portfolio site up quickly with no Flash or programming knowledge required. Easily customize every aspect of the site to match your brand - you can add your own logo and change all the colors, text, button names, etc. Everything is customized through an external XML file so you don't even need to own Flash.



Flash Gallery - imagin


* Can display: jpg, png, gif, swf, txt
* Loading a few images in advance, for faster navigation
* Deep linking - you can go to any state of the gallery by changing the URL, use back/forward browser buttons (html like)
* Customizable interface: alignments for every element, sizes, cursor, font type
* You can create your own pages with info. CSS support.
* Keyboard navigation (Space, arrows, Escape), and mouse wheel navigation
* Images scales down automatically to fit the browser window
* Can read and display the IPTC metadata of the photo (Caption, City, Location - ex: lat=46.7700125&lon=23.5892987)
* View photos as slideshow or in the classic way with scrollbar
* Password protected galleries. Please, if you have nude art, do not hide them.





ByZoomer is a Free and Open Source plugin for Mootools. This script allow you to easily create a picture gallery which will be nicely zoomed when clicked.

ByZoomer by ByScripts is licensed under a Open Source MIT License.

ByCropper - Image cropper script using mootools

ByCropper is a plugin for Mootools 1.2 which allow you to crop image dynamically, and send coordinates et size informations on a HTML form.


* Horizontal and/or vertical image cropping
* Can force image original aspect ratio.
* Can use customized image crop aspect ratio.
* Can force strict image crop aspect ratio.
* Possibility to change image crop aspect ratio on-the-fly.
* Possibility to set a minimum height and/or width.
* Possibility to set a maximum height and/or width.
* Possibility to customize the border image.
* Possibility to customize than mask color and opacity.

ByCropper by ByScripts is licensed under a Open Source MIT License.

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